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The Concept

Your Challenge

Getting the right information, at the right time, into the right hands in the right form has never been more important. In today's challenging environment it is essential for not only monitoring and analyzing critical business performance measures, but informed decision-making relies upon it. Meeting this objective usually requires a very significant investment in time, effort and money. Large corporations may be able to commit the necessary resources to provide the information needed, but this is a burden beyond many small / medium enterprises and a challenge that we have stepped up to for your benefit - with inTuator.

Our Vision

To empower organizations with an affordable, highly functional, easily usable and reliable solution that provides the right information when, where and how it is required. 

The Result 

inTuator, a fresh, simple and long overdue, cost-effective approach to reliably providing comprehensive information analysis to businesses using iSeries applications, without incurring programming or other significant implementation costs and hassles. 



Intuate   v.t.,. To intuitively put together / assemble / collate business information in various presentation formats

(n) intuate, ~ion - A collection of  

(n) ~or - The product that allows the creation of


inTuator embodies all the ingredients of a pragmatic and easy to use approach to delivering multidimensional information analysis in accordance with our vision : 


  • Sensibly priced, comprehensive information analysis solution
  • One iSeries, one price No per user or tier/model charge
  • 'On demand' scalability
  • Avoids the overheads inherent in setting up and maintaining a data warehouse
  • Minimized reliance on IT skills


  • Multidimensional drilling, pivoting and charting analysis functions
  • Ability to link across application areas
  • Export / download to MS Office applications
  • Rich information manipulation capabilities
  • Continued analysis offline after disconnecting from the server
  • Portable Mode available for users that are 'on the road' or don't connect to the server.


  • Plug'n Play installation without a lengthy application data model integration
  • Simple implementation with minimal customization
  • Straightforward and intuitive to learn and use
  • Easy access to recognizable business information elements
  • No clutter of unwanted / irrelevant raw data elements
  • Various capabilities to share analysis with colleagues
  • Innovative, comprehensive and integrated Help, training and Support services


  • Leverages proven iSeries data retrieval capabilities
  • Employs widely used browser technologies
  • Easily upgraded to the latest software releases
  • Optimized performance on the iSeries
  • Secure access to business information

In today's business world, solutions must be delivered quickly and at low cost. Business users may lack the technical skills and knowledge to directly access the application database but they know their business ! By addressing the 'what, when, where and how' of delivering key information without the 'what, when, where and how' of data access inTuator is the smart and affordable solution to complement your business users. 

Why wait ... ?

Let inTuator prove that it is the solution to your information needs today.


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